Interested in joining the CSH Board of Directors?

We are currently recruiting for members (2) to serve on our Board for a two-year term. 

We believe that each and every organization needs a strong and effective board to fully realize its potential for good. In addition to the standard roles and responsibilities of a board member, our board members are active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and are fully engaged in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for Compassion Society (CSH) to advance its mission. 

Being a Board Member at CSH 

CSH is seeking a board member with experience in one or more of the following areas: human resources, finance, operations in food organizations, or general organizational management. Board members are not paid and dedicate their time and expertise to support CSH.

Board member expectations include, but are not limited to: 

  • Know the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs.
  • Read and understand all agenda and materials in advance of meetings.
  • Serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for CSH to advance its mission.
  • Leverage connections, networks, and resources.
  • Help identify personal connections that can benefit the organization’s fundraising and reputational standing and influence public policy.
  • Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings. There are approximately 10 board meetings and 1 Annual General Meeting each year.
  • Actively participate in fundraising events and programs, that help support our organization.
  • Participate fully in one or more committees.
  • Honour our values. 


Please submit your resume and letter of interest to by July 9th, 2024.


Looking to volunteer with us?


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