board of directors

Andrea Dodd

Andrea Dodd successfully started and ran two restaurants for nearly fifteen years. Looking for a new challenge, she decided to take her entrepreneurial skills in a new direction with Organize Once Social. Balancing her work with a busy family of three girls, Andrea knows how hectic and overwhelming life can be.


But the skills involved in making a business run well are similar to making a home run smoothly. Both require providing a warm, nourishing atmosphere that welcomes in outsiders but it also involves a lot of organizing and identifying efficiencies, whether it involves space, money or time. Promoting small business online and connecting them with their communities is key to all that she does.


Edwin Broadus

Edwin began volunteering at Compassion Society in the summer of 2012.  Since moving to Burlington in 2000 in his retirement years, he has volunteered with several organizations, most recently his Condominium Board, the Warwick-Surrey Neighbourhood Association, Partnering Aldershot, and his church.  


During his working years, his career was divided between being a pastor and later working with a Christian school, where he taught and also served as chief executive officer for six years.

Katelyn Hall

Katelyn Hall is a Chartered Professional Accountant and is proud to serve as the Treasurer on the Board. After practicing public accounting for over five years at both small and large-sized firms, she now works in a managerial role within a municipal government organization. While in public accounting,


Katelyn enthusiastically serviced clients within the not-for-profit sector. She continues to have a passion for learning about the unique financial issues facing this sector. Having been an avid volunteer throughout her life, Katelyn loves the opportunity to apply her proactive mindset and problem-solving acumen to this Board. She is always up for a challenge and loves to provide value to Compassion Society wherever she can.


In her free time, you can find her experimenting with new recipes (usually desserts!) or hiking in the beautiful Niagara Region.


Mark McGuire

Mark is a communications specialist, experienced in coordinating business communications management in Canadian, Danish, and US markets. He has demonstrated success in coordinating multidisciplinary teams; providing the support, guidance, and leadership needed to achieve key organizational goals and objectives. He develops collaborative relationships with stakeholders at all levels of authority.


He has experience in coordinating complex projects, administrative policies, procedures, and directives; while effectively prioritize competing demands in fast-paced, results-driven environments.

Joanne Roy

Joanne Roy is an organizational effectiveness and leadership consultant with a passion for helping companies and individuals build for the future. She has advised executives on a range of issues from building leadership capability, managing change and transformation, organizational design, to developing business strategy. 


Joanne has volunteered in the not-for-profit sector for 20+ years.  She is dedicated to the Compassion Society of Halton in its efforts to enable people to overcome issues of hunger, life on low income, housing, and income security.

Joanne Roy

Dania Thurman

Dania Thurman has been a resident of Burlington for over 17 years. Dania brings strong skills from her work in administration, non-profit program management, and client relations management.  Dania is actively involved in the Burlington community as a leader, advocating for child and youth well-being, food security and social justice. She has developed strong community relationships and partnerships within the private, public, and civil sectors.

Dania is currently studying Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Management at Ryerson University. Her educational focus is on advocacy and government relations, diversity, governance, and non-profit marketing. Dania is thrilled to apply these skills as a Board member.

When not working and volunteering, Dania keeps busy pestering her two teenage children and singing in bands.


Jim Frizzle

Jim is a career Royal Banker having worked in several cities from Winnipeg to Montreal, ending in Burlington where he was manager of the Business Centre when he retired. Jim has been active in several organizations including United Way of Burlington and Great Hamilton, Summit Housing & Outreach Programs, John Howard Society of Hamilton & Burlington, Halton Heroes, and others.


He has enjoyed being part of, and contributing to the Burlington community for over 20 years.

Pat DiPaolo

Pat DiPaolo is President of UCC Group Inc., a leading North America wide provider of integrated,specialty site work construction services.


Pat is a Burlington resident and an active volunteer in the community.


He has been involved with and supported numerous charitable organizations including the United Way, Special Olympics and various

local youth sports clubs.

Dr. Joey Edwardh

Dr. Joey Edwardh is Executive Director of Community Development Halton, a research and development organization that serves Halton’s nonprofit agencies and community organizations.Community Development Halton has a membership of 150 organizations providing human services to Halton’s approximately 501, 000 residents.

John Doyle

John Doyle is the current Chair of the Burlington Museums Foundation has been on the Foundation Board for over ten years.


He is very active in our community and is a Past Chair of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and a Past Chair and Board Member of the Museums of Burlington operating Board.

Jeremy Heatley

Retired from an international manufacturing / engineering company after 45 years in 2013 having worked in the UK, US and Canada.


Volunteering for over the last twenty years with the Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Multiple Sclerosis Society – Halton Chapter and currently with the Compassion Society of Halton.


2004 Burlington Citizen of the Year.

David Vandenberg

David Vandenberg is a passionate community leader and speaker in the Halton Region. David has worked in both the land development and government relations industry during his tenure at McMaster University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Science.


David continues to be engaged in many facets of the community, focusing specifically on charitable and political campaigns. He continues to be a strong advocate for youth and poverty relief in the Halton Region, serving on many boards and committees such as Pythons’ Pit, the Halton Industry Education Council and the Compassion Society of Halton.